Shun Judo





After School Activities

    Modern and Hip Hop Dance
Modern dance is a great way for children to play sports, having fun and also make new friends. Caught up in the rhythm of the latest dance moves, the children will learn also exercises for flexibility and muscle strength of the whole body. Modern dancing involves many kinds of dance -hip hop, street and break dance, jazz dance, MTV dance, latino dances. Dancing is an aerobic form of physical activity. The word aerobic means "with oxygen" that gets the heart pumping and the muscles using oxygen.
Dance practice helps the mind and mood. It releases "feel-good" chemicals into the body.This type of activity not only helps children to be physically fit but also makes them build a stronger self esteem and makes them strong from inside. Dancing helps to stimulate creativity and love of art.
    Modern Dancing Workout
    Warm-up -15 minutes slowly moves which will prepare the body for more vigorous activities.
    High Impact - 25 minutes dance routine - series of moves from all popular types of modern dances- steps, jumps, shifting the feet fast on the floor , turns .

The classes are suitable for kids at the age of over 3 years.
    Class activities will include:
- Right body stance
- Ballet walking
- Main position of wrists and wave-like movements of hands
- Main feet positions - first, second and sixth position
- Main positions of hands - preparatory, first, second and third
- Exercises for developing general flexibility of the whole body, side-split, bridge and others
- Ballet exercises executed with leaning on one or both hands
- Ballet exercises executed without leaning
- Basic ballet steps
- Ballet rotations , jumps and balancing
- Arranging the group in different figures and re-construction
- Step-by-step dance exploring that is to include what was studied during the year
- Music and moving-entertaining games

    Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is generally developing sport. It forms all the physical properties necessary to be healthy and beautiful children. Develops all muscle groups, flexibility and grace of movement. Additional items such rope, ball, hoop, ribbon and clubs are interesting and develop dexterity and coordination. The musical accompaniment developed rhythm and aesthetics. Sport brings personal qualities such as discipline, hard work, strong will and sportiness.Classes are suitable for girls of over 6 years.
    Training will include:
- Correct stance and walking
- Exercises for muscle tonus
- Introduction in the positions of hands and legs in classical ballet, the main exercises
- Exercises for developing the flexibility of the whole body
- Exploring the wave-like movements with body
- Main gymnastics exercises balancing exercises
- Main gymnastics rotations
- Main gymnastics jumps
- Basic skills with rope, ball, ring and ribbon
    Each separate training has 3 stages:
Preparatory stage - warm-up
Core stage - Exploring various gymnastics elements and connecting them into combination
Closing stage - relaxing and warming down